Vienna Prepmeeting of CESEF 2013

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Minutes from the preparatory meeting for the Central European Social and Environmental Forum (CESEF)
Vienna, 2nd March 2013

Leo Gabriel (International Council of the World Social Forum, A), Hermann Dworczak (Austrian SF), Mátyás Benyik, (Hungarian SF), Mirek Prokes (Alliance of Labour and Solidarity, CZ), Jiri Málek (transform!europe, CZ), Nicole del Carmel GARFIAS + Lukas Wedrich (ÖH UniWien),Michael Pröbsting (RCIT,A),Max Kutscher (Red*Revolution, A), Gerhard Jordan (The Greens Vienna), Martina Schubert (Initiative Zivilgesellschaft, A), Erich Dittrich (KiV, FoSoG, A), Felix Jaitner (transform!europe, D), Bruno Ciccaglione (S2B network, I)

Facilitator: Hermann Dworczak

1. CESEF Vienna, 2nd – 5th May

Hermann introduced the background idea and organisational framework of CESEF. He also introduced Prague Spring 2, the European-wide network against right-wing extremism (RWE) and populism. He expects 400 participants (pax) from abroad: 200 from CEE+200 from West.
Leo introduced the financial background: the expenses have been reduced to ca 5.000 euro + subsidies for travel costs, accommodation and board of CEE participants (pax) which could amount to ca 8.000 euro. TRIALOG will contribute with 3.000 euro for pax from new member countries of EU (HU, RO, BG, CZ, SK, PL, LT, LV, EE, SI), some 4.000 – 5.000 are still sought for.
Jiri questioned the time scope and expected numbers of pax from abroad. He would only expect 50-60 pax from abroad. He would like to see the Forum more Central European than former Soviet-bloc oriented, he also mentioned language barriers.
Mátyás wants to keep the Forum maximally open. He is going to Kiev to mobilize pax from Ukrainian movements to come to Vienna. CESEF will form a part of preparing the Alternative Summit.

1. The following working groups were established:
a) Programme and Mobilisation WG (Hermann, Mátyás, Felix, Gerhard)
b) Logistic WG (Manuel Domnanovich from the Austrian Student Union, Erich + Elmir)
c) Financial WG (Leo, Mátyás, Mirek)
2. Hermann together with Mátyás and Mirek will invite VIPs of the left from RLS, GUE/NGL, Russia, etc.).

2. World Social Forum, Tunis 26th – 30th March

Leo reported from the recent meeting of the WSF International Council (IC), the situation in Tunisia has calmed down, safety guaranteed, preparations of WSF going on.
Starting from Monday 4th of March, TUNISAIR will give 50 % reduction on flights for WSF pax. Contributions from the Solidarity Fund can amount to 100–150 €/pax. Cheap accomm. Is available for ca 10 €/night.
3. Hermann is in charge for Prague Spring 2 to organize the seminar “RWE + Religious Fundamentalism”, together with Norwegian and Arab organisations.

3. Alternative Summit, Athens 7th – 9th June

Mátyás reported about the preparatory process. The next meeting of the Initiative Committee is scheduled for 15th and 16th March to Brussels.
Hermann reminded of the Subversive Forum which will take place on 12th – 19th May, mainly focused on the Balkans, which will also form a part of the preparatory process for the AlterSummit.
Jiri sees the AlterSummit to be a broader platform than the European Social Forum (ESF).

4. The following steps will be taken:
a) Mátyás and Mirek will take part in the preparatory meeting in Brussels (15th -16th March)
b) Mobilizing during meetings in CEEC – not only for AltSumm, also for WSF and CESEF
c) Reinforcing the solidarity with Greeks for to have a concrete tool for Athens.
5. Mátyás will prepare a working paper with the analysis of the political-economic situation in different European countries and subregions, based on the paper already submitted for Firenze 10+10 which would be completed in the framework of CESEF Vienna.

Jiri and Mirek offered Prague as the venue for a future CESEF.

For the minutes: Mirek Prokeš

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