Final Decrararion of Social Forum in Wroclaw ( 3rd D R A F T )





From 11th to 13th March 2016 about one hundred participants from different civil society organisations and radical left forces gathered in Wroclaw (Poland) in order to exchange experiences on the peripheric situation of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC) and the South and to outline common political goals for the future. As a result of the 13 sessions on wide ranging issues, like militarization, racism, antifascism, feminism, neocolonisation, environment, peripherisation, workers rights and devastating consequences of the system change in CEEC, we arrived at the following conclusions:

1.) The participants of the Forum were united in declaring that this forum had a clear anticapitalist character and keep on cooperating in this direction in the future;

2.) The participants unanimously demanded the dissolution of NATO and to stop militarisation;

3.) The participants declared that they committed themselves to build a strong cooperation among CEEC and the South;

4.) The participants expressed their special support for the people in Ukraine being now under the pressure of NATO as well as ensured full solidarity with the anti-austerity struggle in Greece. Participants firmly stood for the North Africans who are in danger of becoming the polygon for the USA`s plans to use the region in its strategy in Libya. They supported the struggles of anti-war militants from Turkey which is a tool in the hands of warmongers in the Middle East;

5.) The system change in CEEC has taken place clearly with strong foreign – US and EU- intervention. The vast majority of the population wanted reforms, but wanted by no means the restoration of capitalism, especially not in its semi-colonial form. The capitalist intervention was realised in a pre-planned way and effected all areas of the society, namely the productive capacities, the institutions, the social organisations, the local authorities, etc. The brutal dismantling of the industrial and production capacities in general in the form of privatisation and factory closures, the foundations of CEEC’s independence have ceased. Due to the defenslessness, the low wage as the only „competitive” factor, so the emigration and the productive assembly activity become dominant.

6.) Under the rule of neoliberal capitalism in crisis, the population of the peripheric countries both of the South and the CEE region has been suffering heavy losses in their life conditions, economy, culture, society, and our environment has been seriously damaged. Industry has been downsized, unemployment and poverty reached unbearable size, i.e. the CEEC – similarly to the South – have become the exploited periphery of the developed capitalist countries. During the transition years, even the up-to-date technical and economic co-operations of the CEEC were cut off. At the same time, participants are aware of the fact that the former socialist attempts have had several weaknesses and even mistakes – some of which originated in the historical situation of under-development and military conflicts.

7.) In the wake of the crisis, dangerous far right and fascist political forces have been reviving and strengthening in Europe. This is the result of the prevailing capitalist system and imperialism. In the so called Muslim countries islamist forces and their influence are also on the rise. At the same time the resistence and the fight against this Janus faced (i. e. fascism and islamism) phenomenon having the same source and strategy – namely hatred and racism – are also growing. Due to the successful Western ideological brain-washing in the CEEC many people in this region think mistakenly that the present war is going on between civilisations or religions.

8.) Participants of the Forum made the following decisions:

a.) to organise a meeting on the refugee question in South Europe, either in Greece or in Italy this year;

b.) to hold the next Social Forum in spring 2017 in Hungary or in Bulgaria;

c.) to consider also the idea of holding one or two forums in Tunisia-Redeyef, because the activists strongly involved in our struggle were unable to come to Wroclaw due to the EU visa policy towards Tunisian militants;

d.) to enlarge cooperation and build up a stronger movement of the CEEC and the countries of South, including the Balkan, North Africa and Latin-America as well as with social movements of China.

Organisers of the Social Forum Wroclaw/POLAND

9th April 2016.

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