Leftist Island Festival at Horany 24-26 August 2018


21st version

24-26 August 2018

Horány, Parti út 16.

Regatta Leisure Center

Layout of Regatta Leisure Center

24th August Friday

Latin America Day

From 8.00 a.m. Entry and registration continuously at the entrance

Lobby of the Big Hall

9.45-–9.55 Inauguration of Social Science and Leftist bookstore. Opening speech: by János Debreceni SZAB-activist. Bookshop manager: Zoltán Péntek.

Big Hall

10.0010.10 Opening

Attila Vajnai, Chair of the European Left, László Kupi, Chair of Latin America Society.

10.10–12.00 Cuba and Venezuela resist

Facilitator: Iván Orosa Paleo, European Secretary of the Assembly of Resistances in Barcelona.

Speakers: Alicia Elvira Corredera Morales, Ambassador of the Cuban Republic, Raúl José Betancourt Seelanddel, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Venezuelan Republic.

Questions, Comments.

12.00–13.00 The Legacy of Che Guevara (His 90 years Anniversary)

Speakers: Kupi László, Chair of Latin America Society, Gyula Hegyi, Vice-Chair of Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP).

Danube Island Hall

13.00–13.15 Exhibition of Political Caricature.

Operned by Géza Halász.

Marabu (pszava), Pápai bor (Népszava).

Facilitator: János Debreceni, SZAB activist.

13.15–14.15 Lunch

14.15–14.30 Chair of Alliance of Resitance Fighters and Antifascistss (MEASZ) and FIR Vilmos Hanti opens his Photo exhibition on Cuban People`s Life. Opening speech by Alicia Elvira Corredera Morales, Ambassador of Cuban Republic

Big Hall

14.30–15.30 Fighting against Energy Poverty

Facilitator: György Droppa, Charge d`affair of Danube Circle (Duna Kör)

Speakers: Ada Ámon, Chair of Energiaklub, Bence Tordai economist, sociologue, MP of Dialogue (Párbeszéd) Party, AttilaVajnai, Chair of European Left.

15.30–16.30 World Social Forum, Salvador de Bahia, 2018

Facilitator: Mátyás Benyik, Chair of ATTAC Hungary.

Speakers: Iván Orosa Paleo, European Secretary of the Assembly of Resistances in Barcelona, Mirek Prokes, Member of Prague Spring Two Network.

16.30–17.30 Elections in Mexico, Brazil and Nicaragua

Facilitator: (to be confimed later -TBC)

Speakers:Eduardo Correo Senior University Professor, Leo Gabriel, Member of World Social Forum International Council, Expert on Latin America.

17.30–18.00 Elections in Slovenia

Facilitator: Barbara Steiner, Director of Transform! Europe Network

Speaker: Luka Mesec, Chair of Levica.

From 18.00 hours Bowling Competition at the Entrance. Application at the registration or playing ground. Preparation and competition keeps on going. Everyone has three throws. Lead by János Debreceni, SZAB activist.

18.00–18.05 Video screening of Attila József`s poem entitled Hazám (My Country).

18.05–19.00 Attila József `s Anticapitalism

Talkshow between GyörgyTverdota Literary Historian, University Professor and Éva Vámos, Chair of Cultural Department of Alliance of Hungarian Juornalists, Chair of Friendly Club of MagyarDipló (Le Monde Diplomatique Hungarian Edition).

Reciter: Ferenc Rácz Artist.

19.00–19.10 Latin American Culture in the USA. Slideshow

19.10–20.00 Dinner

Bank of river Danube

19.30–20.30 Camp fire

Fire master: Péter Róna, SZAB activist

Big Hall

20.30–22.00 Film Club.

Opening by Raúl José Betancourt Seelanddel, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Venezuelan Republic.

Venezuelan documentary entitled “La revolución no será transmitida” on the coup d`etat of 2002, with Hungarian subtitle.

25th August Saturday

From 9.00 a.m. New participants`registration continuously at the entrance.

Big Hall

9.30–10.45 Education in peril

Facilitator: Eszter Sebestyén jounalist, activist.

Speakers: Istvánné Szöllősi, Ex-Chair of Teachers` Trade Union, András Hrabák University Professor, Gábor Erőss, Education Expert of Párbeszéd Party, Municipal Representative, Gábor Finta Teacher.

10.45–12.00 Healthcare in peril

Facilitator: TBC

Speakers: Gyula Kincses Ex-State Secretary of Healthcare, Zoltán Komáromi General Practitioner, Péter Buzási Physician, Vice-Chair of European Left.

12.00–12.45 Writer-Readers` meeting. Talkshow between György Moldova

and Attila Vajnai, followed by author`s book dedication.

12.45–13.30 Lunch

13.30–15.30 Armement is the Hall of War – Conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, North Africa and Asia

Facilitator: András Balogh Historian, Diplomat, University Professor.

Speakers: Tamás Krausz Historian, University Professor, Győző Lugosi Historian, Gábor Székely Historian, followed by the authors`book dedication.

15.30–16.00 Virág Erdős recites her own poems, followed by book dedication.

16.00–17.30 Migration in Europe

Facilitator: Nóra Köves Expert on Human Rights, Eötvös Károly Public Policy Institute.

Speakers: Tibor Szanyi, MEP, József Böröcz University Professor of Rutgers Sliman Ahmed, Chair of Europe for Africa Foundation.

17.30–18.30 Writer -Readers meeting. Talkshow with Ferenc Baranyi poet and translator.

Opened by Sándor Jámbor, Commercial Director of Kossuth Publishing House

Reciter: Judit Merényi Artist.

After the talkshow the author dedicates his newest book entitled “Tótágas”.

18.30–19.30 Social Care in Zugló (14th District) és Angyalföld (13th District of Budapest)

Levezető elnök: János Debreceni SZAB activist.

Előadók: Szabó Rebeka Vice-Mayor, dr. Magdolna Karácsonyi, Vice-Mayor, Deputy Notary, Head of Social Department.

19.30–20.15 Dinner


20.15–20.45 In memoriam Iván Harsányi Hispanologist

Memorial Speech by Gábor Székely, Editor of International Yearbook of Workers Movement History.

Reciter: András Kemény.

20.45–21.15 Commemoration of an Antifascist Resistance Fighter.

Vilmos Hanti, Chair of MEASZ FIR as well as Judit Róna, SZAB aktivist symbolically inaugurate the plaque of Endre Ságvári Antifasist Resistance Fighter. Commemorating Antifascist Martyrs.

Performers: Mihály Nagyváradi Szűcs, Vice-Chair of MEASZ and Ságvári Choir.

Big Hall

21.15–21.45 Cultural proram. Songs in five languages by Balázs Mészáros

Danube Island Hall

21.45–23.00 Film Club. Documentary entitled Requiem for the American

Dream” with Noam Chomsky, Hungarian subtitle.

Introduction by: József Böröcz Professor of Rutgers University and Kelly

Nyks, one of the writers and directors of the film.

26th August Sunday

From 8.30 a.m. New participants`registration continuously at the entrance.

Big Hall

9.00–10.30 World political and economic situation and its impact on Hungary in Marxist Approach

Facilitator: Gábor Szász Professor emeritus.

Speakers: Annamária Artner economist, University Professor, György Wiener Social Scientist followed by authors` book dedication.

10.30–12.00 Municipality self-government, Chances of the Left on the Municipalities and the European Parliamentary elections.

Facilitator: János Debreceni SZAB activist.

Speakers: Zoltán Tóth and Dezső Avarkeszi electoral experts, followed by book dedication.

12.00–13.30 Debate of Party Chairs

Gergely Karácsony, Co-Chair of Párbeszéd, Bertalan Tóth, Chair of MSZP and Attila Vajnai, Chair of the European Left.

Facilitator: Gyula Hegyi, Chair of the Left Grouping of MSZP.

13.30–14.15 Ady and the Proletariat

Talkshow between Imre Payer poet, Literary Historian and Éva Vámos, Chair of Cultural Department of Alliance of Hungarian Juornalists, Chair of Friendly Club of MagyarDipló (Le Monde Diplomatique Hungarian Edition).

Reciter: András Kemény.

14.15–15.00 Lunch

Big Hall

15.00–16.15 The process of elimination of the environmental protection

Facilitator: Droppa György, Charge d`affaire of Danube Circle (Duna Kör), SZAB activist.

Speakers: István Józsa, Chair of Environmental Protection Department of MSZP, Márta V. Naszályi Municipaity Representative, Counsellor of Environmental Protection.

16.1516.30 Festival Closing. Attila Vajnai, Chair of European Left, Imre Komjáthi, Vice-Chair of MSZP, Chair of Public Workers` Trade Union, György Droppa SZAB activist.

Venue: Regatta Leisure Center – Parti str. 16., Horány/about 25 kms North of Budapest


By Intercity bus: from Ujpest City Gate via Dunakeszi until the Horány ferry (20 minutes) to the island. From the ferry stop to the leisure center ias about 10 minutes walk.

By car: from Dunakeszi by ferry or from the direction of Szentendre via the Tahi bridge you can reach the Szentendre Island (via Leányfalu, Tahitótfalu and Szigetmonostor).

Prices per person:

Friday-Saturday -Sunday3 days (accomodation for 2 nights, 5 meals, holiday tax + registration fee):

single room: HUF 37,000 (EUR 120) , double room: 22,000 (EUR 75), quadruple room: 12,750 (EUR 40), octuple room: HUF 10,750 (EUR 35)

Saturday-Sunday 2 days (accomodation for one night, breakfast, 3 meals, holiday tax + registration fee):

single room: HUF 19,100 (EUR 65) , double room: HUF 11,600 (EUR 30) , quadruple room: HUF 7,850 (EUR 26), octuple room: HUF 6,000 (EUR 20)

One day without accomodation (2 meals and registration fee): HUF 1,900 (EUR 3.50)

Tents/day HUF 1,500 (EUR 3),

Registration fee/day (without meals and accomodation): HUF 500 (EUR 1.70)

Rooms in Regatta: –24–6–8 beds/room

Contact persons: General info from Gyuri Droppa (English and Potugese) droppa@droppa.hu, Matyas Benyik (English, French,Spanish) benyikmatyas@gmail.com,

Room distribution by Klara Anyiszonyan somiklara@yahoo.com (speaking Russian)

For prepayment the bank account number will be sent directly to you by e-mail.


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