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ATTAC Hungary strongly condemns Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán`s veto of the EU next seven-year budget and a massive COVID19 recovery plan of total EUR 1.8 trillion, especially the rejection of EUR 750 billion plan to rebuild the ailing economy of Europe.

The ruling right wing Hungarian government rejects the financial package over the EU attempts to respect for rule of law. At the same time, being afraid that the rule of law mechanism will harm his autocratic regime, Orbán vehemently opposed also the plan to create new EU taxes. By doing so, Orbán is risking plunging the EU into a deep crisis. As a result, the economic hardships in the EU will intensify and the Hungarian population will suffer massively.

ATTAC Hungary does insist on the EU`s new mechanism linking rule of law to funding in order to have at least a tool to use against the current Hungarian government which is eroding the judicial independence and the media freedoms.

In addition, PM Orbán’s government stigmatizes the non-governmental organizations, which are promoting and defending the civil liberties. The autocratic Hungarian regime is misusing EU funds to enrich its political allies.

ATTAC Hungary calls EU leaders` attention to the fact that members of the Orbán government and its cronies are not identical with Hungary`s citizens.

The EU funding would be especially important for Hungary in order to emerge from the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Today, millions of people, who lost their job and income are in a critical situation.

ATTAC Hungary is refuting Orbán`s opinion that the rule of law conditions of the EU resembles an „ideological blackmail” practiced by the Soviet Union.

ATTAC Hungary deliberately condemns Orbán`s veto trying to stop the EU`s economic recovery plan. Only the big Capital (banks, companies of military complex, offshore business groups) and right-wing political forces are interested in slowdown of sharing financial resources among poorest countries and social groups. We need completely new economic rules based on solidarity and fair trade.

ATTAC Hungary demands to use all the legal tools available to avoid an economic collapse in the EU, and urges to provide effective help for the victims of the crisis in all member countries.

Budapest, 19th November 2020.

Matyas Benyik, Chairman

ATTAC Hungary Association

Supported and signed by

Attila Vajnai, Chairman

Workers’ Party of Hungary 2006

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