Tweny years after the G8 in Genoa

Overcoming fragmentation, rebuilding anti-systemic convergenceInvitation to the Facebook live broadcast of the 20 July international assembly in Genoa

Twenty years have passed since the days of the G8 summit in Genoa and what Amnesty International then described as „the greatest violation of human rights in Western Europe since the Second World War”. Even today, full justice and truth for the victims has not been achieved.
The great alter-mondialist popular movement, born in Porto Alegre and bloodily repressed in the streets of Genoa, resisted, stood up and spread, in a path of great struggles, protests and meetings. In Italy, after Genoa, the movement hosted the first great European Social Forum in Florence, from which the largest demonstration in the world against the war on Iraq in 2003 was promoted. In the last twenty years, the altermondialist movement has spread through countless campaigns, struggles, practices and alternative proposals.
That movement denounced the unsustainability of neo-liberal globalisation and its severe social, economic and environmental impacts. Year after year, more and more serious crises have demonstrated its reasons, up to the pandemic that has highlighted all the limits and dangers of the system: a virus has laid bare the depth of the climatic, social, human, gender, environmental, pandemic and health disaster. 
In the face of the great global crisis, there is now a stronger need to overcome geographical and thematic fragmentation and to rebuild a convergence of anti-systemic social actors at regional, continental and global level. 
In Genoa, twenty years after the G8, a large network of Italian social actors is organising a national convergence assembly and an international convergence assembly on 20 July.
The international assembly will be held on 20 July from 9:30 to 13:30.program and speaker here:
Old and new generation activists from many regions of the world will speak, all answering the same question: 
„the pandemic has given a further demonstration of how essential it is to make a global system alternative stronger and more visible, and how interdependent we all are on the planet. We are coming from a period of great fragmentation, both thematic and geographical. Now that the risk of going back to a normality worse than before is evident, how can we rebuild a connection between the movements and actors of the alternative on a continental and global level?”
We invite you to attend the international assembly, which will be broadcast live on our Facebook pages:
in Italian English

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