Do not include Sweden into the NATO!

Solidarity Statement of the Hungarian Social Forum

Do not include Sweden into the NATO!

The elections in Sweden brings the right wing to the government. A far right party with roots in Nazism is the biggest in the new basis for a government. At the same time Sweden have shifted drastically 200 years of successful non-alignment policy and both social democrats and the right wing support membership in NATO.

The period in Sweden’s history of a psychological defence system that made an independent assessment of war propaganda regardless of where it came from has increasingly been replaced by integration with NATO’s view of the world. 

It is worrying that the Social Democrats and the Green Party, who previously stood up for many of the peace movement’s positions, have so radically changed their political stance.

The NATO solution is to counteract independent popular movements which question the power which the short-term profit interests of the big corporations exert over both domestic and international politics.

In Ukraine, the most advanced capitalist countries and Russia are engaged in a geopolitical struggle for a sphere of influence and raw material resources. It is not really in Sweden’s interest to be involved in this conflict, it should be on the side of peace.

Organisations of the Hungarian Social Forum demand to re-establish an independent Swedish stance rearding NATO and not blindly follow great power interests.

Budapest, 26th September 2022. 

On behalf of Hungarian Social Forum

Matyas Benyik, Chairman

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