Tamás Krausz: Five thesis about the inevitability of a new peace policy

  1. Western propaganda

It is almost the same for someone to read Western mainstream liberal or conservative interpretations or local propaganda (e.g. in Hungary),   about the NATO-Russian conflict, everyone is blowing the same song: the aggressive Russia wants to prevent NATO from defending Ukraine. Along the southern and western borders of Russia American and NATO planes and warships carrying pigeons of peace under the stars of “free world”, “democracy”, and “freedom” are only protecting Ukraine. 

The fact is, Russia wants to prevent NATO from pushing its borders further east, in the spirit of Drang nach Osten. Some even deny what CIA acknowledges in light of the documents they released: the American and German politicians secured the Soviets, and in 1991-92 the Russians, that “they do not want to push NATO any further east”, in exchange for Russia’s generous consent to unite Germany and withdraw Soviet troops from Eastern Europe. The Soviet leaders of the time, not even in their nightmare could imagine, that 30 years later

they will witness the 2nd edition of the Cold War. Though there were signs…

  1. The  multipolar world order or chaos ? 

With the rise of China, all serious experts have realized that the 

domination of US and NATO in the world system is over.

The Western imperialist superpowers can no longer alone determine the directions and limits of the economic and territorial redistribution of the world.

One of the most important and seemingly important “exit point” of the struggles in the world system is Ukraine  and the artificially created Ukranian-Russian conflict, which was ignited by the Euro-Majdan movement and its so called “Orange Revolution” at the beginning of 2014, which overthrew the legitimate president. 

Ukraine’s „turn to the West”, which seemed to change radically the geopolitical situation in Europe and the world, met with resisitance from Russia, beyond internal obstacles, which ended with the reannexation of the Crimean peninsula to Russia.

The US, as promoter of the puppet state in Ukraine, has invested huge capital in Ukraine, but the expected result has not been achieved through the indiscrininate imposition of sanctions policy. As it is well known, only the usual American end product was produced: chaos, war, blood…

3. Ukraine as a Western project has significant

historical antecedents from Bismark, through Hitler

to the present day, which has always and in all its forms, been an

anti-Russian political and military concept and practice. Today,

American and Western propaganda in general also demonises Russia

because it wants to conquer certain geopolitical positions and

therefore needs the image of the „evil enemy”. Today’s Russophobia

is a particular form of racism, but it is only distantly related to race

theory, and denies Nazi race theory outright.

Russophobia is a variant of civilisational racism or cultursal rascism:

it is generally, a manifestation and proclamation of the West’s

civilisational superiority and cultural supremacy. Russophobia reflects

a dichotomous mindset: it depicts the world in opposition to the “good

West” and the “evil East”, in which democracy and autocracy fight

against each other.

In fact, Russophobia is an ideological justification of the geopolitical

expansion of the “collective West”, which, under the banner of

democracy, is inspiring a wild, authoritarian nationalist and pro-Nazi

„renaissance” in Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe, it is also

intended to bring about the intellectual and political cohesion among

the smaller and larger nation-states of the region, above all against

Russia, but also against China.

4. Territorial and economic redistribution of the


The new cold war is a response to a new stage in the territorial and

economic redistribution of the world. Even today, the former Soviet

region still seems to be a big bite of the centuries-old process of

capital accumulation. This is where the big problem lies.

The current situation, war, tensions, NATO-Russia talks have shown

in black and white: NATO, US and UK see only springboard, cannon

fodder in oppressive Ukraine for their expansion in the Black Sea

Basin and into the Middle East. The British even have formulated the

resurrection of the British-Ukrainian-Polish-Turkish axis. U.S., with

integrating Georgia and Ukraine into NATO, is galvanizing to life the

imperialist heritage of the global West. The more than 150 American

military bases in the world increase the chances of war rather than

peace, according to historical experience.

Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Georgia is part of that reality, at the

end of which Russia stands, with its unlimited amount of valuable raw

materials, mineral resources, ports, global influence.

The big Western companies could exploit this wealth more fruitfullly,

from a profit point of view, as we have been reading in the truly

objective Western expert opinions on this division, for many many

years. But this is where reality intervenes: the great Western entity –

the great myth. USA, its political ruling class, is driven by its

own interests, and that is why they are trying to ignore – for example –

German and European interests, when it tries to reorganise the global

energy market in accordance with their own market and power

interests, and “block” the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

There is a snag in it, namely, it is not worth going to war with Russia,

as it is a military world power full of nuclear weapons and

supersonic missiles and airplanes. This is better known in Europe, as

the small Eastern European jackal states are the most willing to serve

voluntarily with pleasure the American needs and demands, not to

mention their own people, who would occasionally be 2-3 minutes

away from these high-tech strike machines.

5. The „Russian ultimatum” and peace policy

This is only a signal to the world, that Russia cannot be subject to any kind of exclusion, any kind of sanctions policy can come. With the rise of China, a unipolar world order cannot come back, what the cynical American and British politicians as well as Putin or the Chinese leaders know exactly. China is a major economic power, which, in a military alliance with Russia, would be capable to make American nationalists think over,  whether they can maintain their dominance in a unipolar world.

It was about this,  what the series of consultations were held on the Russian initiative. But this situation, what we know so well in the world, also involves a military solution to the conflicts of interest between the great powers and the big transnational companies. It is enough to remember the NATO-wars over the last three decades. One of the last war just ended in Afghanistan, and as we have seen, these wars have become synonymous with destruction, not with democracy, not with freedom, not with well-being.

The main and closest opponent is precisely the lack of freedom both in social and in economic as well as in an environmental-cultural terms. Not only socialism, but democracy either cannot be exported. We know well, if Marx is permitted to be quoted: „A nation who oppresses other nations cannot be free”. 

From this, the bunch of intellectuals serving the policies of the European Union and the United States can learn a lot, even today,  not only the Russians and the Chinese.

Let us not delude ourselves about the possible solutions, because they are impossible on a capitalist foundation.

Even the anti-fascist tradition is not enough. The new peace movement can lead to success only with new strategy reviving community societies. The anti-capitalist, socialist development is the direction that can lead to success against the capitalist system, against the warlike, oppressive world of capital. 

Today’s hierarchical world order is not the world order of peoples, but  of capital.

And let us never forget, let us not be fooled: 

Capital has no nationality, no religion or no morals.

Capital has only interests.

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