Viktor Orbán sets out in bullet points how he would transform the European Union

According to the Prime Minister, we are heading towards an imperial European Union, Brussels has outsourced its power mainly to Soros` NGOs and American democrats. He also outlined plans for a new EU institution.

Viktor Orbán spoke about the European Union and its future and transformation at a conference entitled The Day of Hungarian Independence, organised to mark the 30th anniversary of the departure of Soviet troops, at the Pesti Vigadó on Saturday morning.

At the beginning of his speech, the Prime Minister said that Europe is eternal, it has had better and worse times, and it has been 30 years since we won the Cold War. He added that we are the last of Europe’s freedom fighters still alive today. He believes that we must repair Europe and put it back on track.

The EU is a political entity created to protect the economic and military interests of countries, Orbán said, and then listed several data that he said showed the EU’s crisis.

Referring to a survey by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, he said that only 45 percent of Germans said they were free to express their opinions. „Respondents say they could easily get burned if they say what they think about Islam, patriotism or love of country.” Afterwards, referring to Vaclav Klaus, he said that man, nation and family are under attack at the same time. Orbán also sees Hungary’s future under threat.

Orbán then listed economic data which he said proved the EU’s crisis. Only a quarter of EU citizens think that the next generation will live better, he added, and asked: where has the European dream gone?

The prime minister believes that we are hurtling towards an imperial EU, a European superstate is being built, for which no one has given a mandate. He says that they want to override all national interests and traditional values in Brussels. The EU’s legal systems are not an obstacle to this ambition, but an enabler.

That is why our political opponents are attacking families, the nation, Christianity and Judaism – he said.

Then came George Soros in Viktor Orbán’s speech. Brussels, according to Orbán, has outsourced its power, mainly to Soros’ NGOs and the US Democratic interests behind them. He said this was done by turning the European Commission into a political body. He claimed that this did not start in secret, but with a public announcement by former EC President Jean-Claude Juncker. According to him, this is why the British and Hungarians did not support his election as president and led to brexit.

Orbán also said that it was after this that the European Commission decided to produce rule of law reports on member states. And here Soros came up again: according to him, these were outsourced to NGOs in the member states, and they typically belong to his network.

He added: „ they use their data to rate democratically elected governments in the member states, and they want to punish those they don’t like.”

He also said that without shared economic success, the EU will fall apart, and that only policies that focus exclusively on shared economic success can be supported. Instead, he believes, Brussels is abusing its power and destroying itself.

Orbán said that the next decade will be an era of epidemics and migration, and in such a situation we need to create security and be successful. A prerequisite for this, he said, is the restoration of democracy. He also outlined a plan for a new institution: a new body involving the constitutional courts of the member states.

He did not stop there. The European Parliament, he said, was a dead end, representing only its own party, ideological and institutional interests. He believes that the role of national parliaments should be significantly increased, and that national parliaments should send representatives to the EP, along the lines of the European Council’s parliamentary assembly.

He added that national parliaments should also be given the right to stop the Union’s legislative process if they feel it infringes on national competences. In other words, a red card procedure should be introduced,” he said.

In conclusion, he said: Serbia should be admitted to the European Union.


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