20 years after the first European Social Forum

November 10th-13th 2022, twenty years after the first European Social Forum


four days of European and international meeting – a step toward a new convergence of social actors in Europe


(after the international meeting on 14 September )

next preparatory meeting:

October 5th at 17:30 CET


The preparations for 2022Florence, the four-day meeting to foster the convergence of European social actors after a long period of geographical and thematic fragmentation, is going on.

The international meeting was held on 14 September, widely participated by social networks and organisations. 

Below you’ll find useful information on how to join, participate, and add initiatives of your own network/organisation.

Organisations and networks wishing to join and participate, in addition to those already involved, are invited to participate in the construction of the event: there is still time and space! 

We would therefore ask you to circulate the communication as widely as possible, so that everyone can have the necessary information.


On November 10th and 11th November Florence will host meetings and self-organised initiatives. The initiatives will be promoted, organised and financed by networks, organisations and movements.

The provisional list can be consulted at this link:


The European and international assembly will take place on November 12th and 13th. The assembly will be divided into three sessions, to discuss three cross-cutting questions: 

1) Where is Europe going and what is its role in a changing world? 

2) From resentment and loneliness to collective hope: how to beat the consensus to right-wing forces inside the society?

3) Being right is not enough: how to be effective in the time of emptied democracy?

The assembly will start at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday and it will last at 1:00 pm on Sunday. 

The assembly will have simultaneous translation: it will be possible to speak in Italian, English, French and Castilian and it will be possible to listen in Italian and English. The speeches will be organised so as to allow for a balance of gender and generations, of countries and topics. 

On Sunday, from 2:00 p.m. till 4:00 p.m. a meeting will take place, with the aim to share info about the next mobilizations/campaigns/events and to plan the 2022Florence follow up . We invite you to organize your trips in order to guarantee the presence of at least one person of your organization to this meeting.


The assembly on November 12th-13th will take place in Cinema Adriano, Via Giandomenico Romagnosi, 46. The cinema can be easily reached by tramway.

The self-organized events on November 10th-11th will take place in various venues: you will find them in the website, as soon as they will be finalized.


To join, communicate or receive information write to: 2022firenze@gmail.com

The website (active but still under construction) that will host all the informations and the program in Italian and English is: https://2022firenze.eu

The logo is the one you can find in attachment and on the site.


The Florence committee will do its utmost to help the participants’ accommodation. Those who need support for finding a low-cost accommodation should write to: 2022firenze@gmail.com

A call will also be launched to find solidarity accommodation.


As the details of your initiative are finalised, it is essential that you email us all the useful info, so that we can integrate the shared file and update the website.

The shared file with the self-organized events is here:


Please email 2022firenze@gmail.comwith only the essential details:

1) the title of the self-organised initiative; 2) the promoter(s); 3) the type of event and in particular whether it is an internal meeting or an event open to participation by all; 4) the date and venue; 5) the languages in which the initiative will be held; 6) the contact person with his/her email address.

We recommend that you send this 6 essential info by email: we had to turn the shared file into ‘view only’ mode to avoid deletions and other technical problems that have occurred in the past weeks.

Then, when more extensive presentations of your event are ready, also send those by e-mail to 2022firenze@gmail.com, so that they can be published on the site.

If you need to find a space to realise your initiative, write to the e-mail address: we will do our best to help you. If you have already found a room for your initiative, send us an email as soon as possible with the place, date and time – this will help us in our search for rooms for other initiatives.


As soon as possible, please provide us with the names/organization/country of those you propose as speakers at the European plenary assembly on 12 and 13 November, indicating in which specific session of the plenary the intervention is proposed. 

We will then have to work to compose a balanced programme (gender, generation, country, theme, etc.) of interventions in the assembly, and this will take time. Therefore, please do not send us the proposals at the last minute!

and … let us continue to involve other European and international networks and associations!

The next international preparatory meeting will take place on October 5th at 17:30 CET at this link:


ID riunione: 823 4239 4225

Passcode: 549981

Thanks, in solidarity 

The Italian Organising Committee

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